Friday, 4 September 2009


Apparently Edward Kennedy claims in his final memoirs that he wasn't having a sexual relationship with Mary Jo Kopechne, who he left to suffocate after driving off the bridge to Chappaquiddick Island, a death which experts reckon was most likely slow and agonising.

So that's all right then! I was really worried that he might have been shafting her...


  1. Bernard Manning was once on American radio and made a crack at the end of the interview that Ted Kennedy was driving him home.
    Deafening silence all round especially from stunned interviewer.
    No bleedin' sense of humour.
    His blind airline pilot joke didn't go down too well either.

  2. Well, it's said that Americans don't do irony, but it's a pity that they didn't have someone on the radio who was actually admired in the UK! That was funny, though - I always used to have hysterics every year when the Blind Navigators' Rally took place. Funny thing was that our neighbour, Glyn Harries, used to enter because he was partially sighted in one eye and was a keen rally driver!